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Hi, I am Xenia Brettell.  Ever since I was a small girl, I have always enjoyed reading and writing stories. Until now, my stories have been written for the most important people in my life, especially my little sister Leeza who has Downs Syndrome, my Mom, Dad, two Nan’s, and some other special relatives and friends.

I have always had a special bond with my Nan (Nina Edwards).  I often stay at her home, and get to play and walk with her dog Bessy.  But most recently we have started to write stories about our lives and the times we enjoy together with the people who make us laugh and smile, and who we want to help laugh and enjoy life in return.  We have each written a book about the events and lives of two young men with learning disabilities and their three carers – five very different people.

I live at home with my family in Central UK.  Like many young girls I love animals, especially my cat Pebbles and my Nan’s dog Bessy.  I love to look after them and give them affection because they give me comfort when I feel tired or down.

My book, ‘Life on Planet Parklands’ is about where these five characters live and work and written from a young person’s perspective.  My Nan is one of the carers, and her book is an adult’s perspective on these peoples’ lives titled ‘Adventures of Perfect Difference 5’.  We wanted to share these happy times and comical events with a wider audience.  My stories are for all children who want to laugh and smile, including those who are disabled and possibly teased for it.

Keep going!  You’re your own PERFECT DIFFERENCE!

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